S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit

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    • S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit
    4K Solar Power Edge System NEW

    S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit

    £779.00 VAT Included
    • See 4K Detail Day and Night
    • Forever Power, Solar Style
    • Up to 16 TB Expandable Local Storage* (Additional Storage Drive Not Included) (The operating system will occupy a portion of the built-in storage capacity)
    • BionicMind™ AI Differentiates Family and Strangers
    • HomeBase 3 Centralize Security Management

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    S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit

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    BionicMind™️ can actually do facial recognition


    Local recording, no monthly subscription


    The best video quality with 4K HD

    Dem Crumblies Tech

    eufy Security eliminates all the pain points

    Zac Builds

    The Forever Power camera

    all things tech

    Two-Way Audio

    Communicate with anyone who walks onto your property.

    Voice Assistant Compatibility

    Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Not compatible with Apple HomeKit at this time.

    Built Tough for Any Weather

    With IP65 weatherproof protection, eufyCam 3C is guarded against rain and dust storms.

    Quick Setup

    Secure your home in just a few minutes with installation free from complicated wires, and then stay protected 24/7 with the wide 135° wide-angle lens.


    Product Comparison

    S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit

    S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3)


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    Resolution : 4K

    Battery Life :
    1 Year From a Single Charge
    A Lifetime with Forever Power

    Integrated Solar Panel

    AI :
    Facial Recognition
    Human Detection
    Vehicle Detection
    Pet Detection

    AI Self-Learning

    Local Storage**:
    3 months of Storage

    Expandable Storage


    Field of View : 135°


    No Monthly Fee

    HomeBase Compatibility :
    HomeBase 3

    S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit

    S300 eufyCam (eufyCam 3C)


    Learn More

    Resolution : 4K

    Battery Life :
    6 Months


    AI :
    Facial Recognition
    Human Detection
    Vehicle Detection
    Pet Detection

    AI Self-Learning

    Local Storage**:
    Built-In 16GB EMMC
    3 months of Storage

    Expandable Storage


    Field of View : 135°


    No Monthly Fee

    HomeBase Compatibility :
    HomeBase 3


    • 4K (3840x2160)°
    Night Vision
    • Infrared & color night vision
    Battery Life
    • 365 days basic
      Integrated solar panel to extend to forever
    Video Storage
    • Free local storage: build-in 16GB for 3 months usage
      Support HDD/SSD storage expansion, up to 16TB
    Smart AI
    • Human recognition (Self learning algorithm)
      Vehicle detection
      Pet detection
    • Two way audio
    • Built-in, motion-activated
    • 100dB
    • IP67
    Voice Assistant
    • Alexa, Google Voice Assistant
    Power and Connectivity
    • Rechargeable lithium battery & solar
    • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
    Recommended Use
    • Camera:
      7~10ft (2~3m) height

      Indoor, close to the router
    Installation Method
    • Screw mount
    • Camera: White & Black
      HomeBase: White & Gray
    • Camera: 2.6 x 5.1 x 2.6in (6.5 x 12.9 x 6.5cm)
      HomeBase: 3.1 x 4.3 x 5.7in (7.8 x 10.9 x 14.4cm)
    • Camera: 420g
      HomeBase: 656g
    Operating Conditions
    • Camera: IP67, -4°F - 122°F (-20°C - 50°C), Weather resistant
      HomeBase: 14°F - 122°F (-10°C - 50°C)
    What's in box
    • Camera, HomeBase, QSG, Screw Mount, Screw Pack, Power Adapter, Charging Cable
    • 12 Months


    Is eufyCam 3 compatible with Apple HomeKit?
    No. It is compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant currently. HomeKit is still undergoing development, please stay tuned.
    How efficient is the built-in solar panel charging?
    Tests show that with full exposure to direct sunlight for 2 hours, the camera can keep working for an entire day. However, this depends on the strength of the sunlight. Install your camera in a position that exposes it to as much sun as possible. If the weather is cloudy or rainy, the power level may reduce, but it will charge up again when exposed to sunlight again. Factors such as long trigger lengths, frequent event detections, and streaming video, may use battery faster.
    Why is my camera battery still dropping?
    The solar panels charge the built-in battery while sunlight is available. If the camera's current operation uses more power than the solar panel can provide, the battery level will reduce.
    These 2 factors may influence the experience:
    1. The solar panels are not charging the device enough. One possibility is that the position of the camera is not allowing enough access to direct sunlight. In this case, adjust the position or location. It may also be that the weather is not ideal for solar charging. In this case, there is no need to worry. When the weather becomes sunny, normal charging will resume.
    2. The current operation of the camera is consuming power beyond what is normal. In this situation, you may need to adjust the configuration to reduce false triggers and excessive recording events. Try the following:
    1) Switch to Power Saving mode.
    2) Reduce the sensitivity of Motion Detection.
    3) Choose Human Only mode.
    4) Enable Activity Zones that focus on the monitoring area. Try to avoid including public walkways or roads as movement in these areas may result in frequent false triggers.
    Is HomeBase 3 compatible with other eufy Security products?
    HomeBase 3 is compatible with all eufyCam models, eufy Battery Doorbells (except E8213), and eufy Sensors. It will be compatible with all eufy Security devices by the end of May 2023, with the exception of eufy Wired Doorbell.
    What kind of hard drive can I use to expand the storage of HomeBase 3?
    Any 5V 2.5" storage drive (HDD or SSD) with a SATA interface.
    Note: 12V storage drives are not supported.
    Why does the system sometimes miss events?
    The motion sensor can detect objects moving 25-30 ft (8-10 m) away. Detection sensitivity, mounting height, and mounting angle will influence the detection distance of your devices. We recommend that you adjust the detection sensitivity as needed.
    The installation height should not exceed 3m, and the tilt angle should not exceed 15°. Please check "In-App Setup" for more.
    Objects coming directly toward the center of the camera may not always be detected. Where possible, position the camera so that movement crosses the field of view to some extent, which will assist in triggering the passive infrared motion detection.
    Does the system support 24/7 recording?
    No. The camera is battery-powered and is designed to offer a balance between battery life and event capturing.

    * Push notifications with thumbnail previews require thumbnail preview images to be temporarily stored in the cloud.
    ** If you choose to use cloud-based features such as cloud storage or push notifications with thumbnail previews, videos or thumbnail previews will be sent to the cloud as needed to provide your selected features.