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X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station

Hair-Free, Tangle-Free, Hands-Free, All in One

World's 1st Robot with Twin-Turbine™
Suction and Active Detangling™ Roller Brush
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45 Days*

of Hands-Free Cleaning

X8 Pro's Self-Empty Station features a 2.5 L bacteriostatic dust bag that securely stores pet hair and debris, for a truly hands-free cleaning experience.
*The self-empty station seals dust in a 2.5 L anti-bacterial bag that can store up to 60 days of dust in a 3-person household with no pets, up to 45 days with one pet, and up to 30 days with two pets.

Twin-TurbineTM Suction for Hair-Free Cleaning

Patented suction and roller brush technology work together for superior cleaning. No dirt or debris is missed for spotless and hair-free floors.
Pet Hair Deep Cleaning
X8 Pro's powerful Twin-Turbine™ 2× 4,000 Pa suction easily removes pet hair from deep within carpets, leaving them clean and hair-free.
Upgrade Your Cleaning Performance
eufy's exclusive Twin-Turbine™ technology provides ultra cleaning power.
X8 Pro: Twin-Turbine™
More Airflow*
Suction Power*
Other: Single-Turbine
*80% more airflow and 1.8x better cleaning, when compared with single-turbine robotic vacuums, According to data from eufy laboratories.
Expanded Air Duct
For better airflow, so more debris can be sucked inside at once.
X8 Pro
More Airflow
Unbeatable Cleaning Performance
Compared with the existing cleaning solutions, X8 Pro provides deeper cleaning performance in one pass, so there's no need to repeatedly clean the same spot over and over to get it clean.
X8 Pro: 97%
Pet Hair Cleaning Rate on Wilton Carpet
Other: 55.6%*
Pet Hair Cleaning Rate on Wilton Carpet
*Compared with L35 for pet hair removal. According to data from eufy laboratories.

Active DetanglingTM Roller Brush for Tangle-Free Cleaning

The patented Active Detangling™ Roller Brush detangles hair automatically. No more need to manually clean the roller brush yourself.
Active Detangling™ Roller Brush
A unique built-in comb smoothly detangles hair wrapped around the roller brush to always maintain peak cleaning efficiency.
Reverse Rotation for Active Hair Detangling
Forward Rotation for Picking Up Pet Hair
Industry Leading Self-Cleaning Performance
Compared with the existing cleaning solutions, X8 Pro's unique roller brush design eliminates hair tangles, so there's no need to manually clean the robot ever again.
X8 Pro: 99.7%*
Pet Hair Tangle Rate
Others: 7.1%
Pet Hair Tangle Rate
*Test Method: The robot vacuums up the amount of hair that's typically produced by a household in one day (Weight: 0.3 g, Length: 30 cm) and the test is repeated seven times consecutively to simulate a week's worth of hair.

Hair-Free, Tangle-Free, Hands-Free, All in One

Ultra-Efficient Cleaning

Enjoy a highly-efficient cleaning experience with precise iPath™ laser navigation and customizable AI.Map™ 2.0 technology.
Precise iPath™ Laser Navigation
Accurately scan your home to avoid obstacles and unlock more areas to clean.
Customized AI.Map™ 2.0
Customize your home's cleaning with settings like No-Go Zones, virtual boundaries, etc.

Perfect for Pet Owners

X8 Pro is specially designed to be pet friendly and is the ideal robotic vacuum for picking up pet hair, leaving you more time with your furry friends.

Power When You Need It

BoostIQ™ provides customized suction power for different surfaces for maximum cleaning efficiency. Plus, reach every area with a 20 mm climbing height.

2-in-1 Mop and Vacuum

Remove fine dust that vacuuming may miss with mopping that can be fine-tuned to match floor types.

Whisper Quiet

Operating below 58 dB noise levels means no more scared furry friends while cleaning your home.

Ultra-Long Battery Life

Loose pet hair can't escape with a 180 min runtime that lets you clean whole floors in one go.

Child Lock

Prevent curious kids and pets from accidentally activating a cleaning session.

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