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How to Choose eufyclean Vaccum for Home Cleaning | Official Website - eufy UK

How would you describe your cleaning style?

I like to be hands-on when cleaning.

I like hands-free cleaning.

Where are the key areas you want to clean? (Multiple choice)

Up high
(ceiling fans, a/c vents, etc.)

Around the middle
(sofas, shelves, etc.)

On the floor
(corners, floors, etc.)

How many rooms does your house have?

1-2 rooms

3-4 rooms

5 or more rooms

What kind of cleaning tools do you buy?

I get basic tools that can get the job done.

I like tools that give me the best value.

I go for the best money can buy.

Which of the following best describes your living situation?

I live alone.

I live with someone.

I live with my spouse and children.

I live with my spouse and our children have left home.

Do you have pets?



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Alternative Choices

Alternative Choices

Take the Quiz Again

Take the Quiz Again