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World's First
All-in-One Cordless
StickVac with
Steam Mop

Choose MACH V1 Ultra

Mop. Vacuum. Steam. The All-in-One Floor Cleaning Solution.

Deep Cleaning

Whatever. Wherever. Whenever.

MACH V1 Ultra is the next generation of floor cleaning technology, delivering a constant flow of heated steam to instantly erase stubborn stains and household germs. Self-cleaning mode ensures the roller brush is completely washed and dried.

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  • Coffee Powder

  • Ketchup

  • Guacamole

Cordless SteamWave™

Stains Vanish

Erase stubborn stains instantly. A constant stream of 230°F (110°C)1 steam
dissolves built-up grime on hard floors and cleans it up with ease. Pure
steam is released within 20 seconds to clean efficiently.

99.9%5 Germ Removal

A Deeper Clean with
Steam, Certified by
TÜV Rheinland.

First in the industry to be TÜV Rheinland certified for 99.9%5 germ removal,
combining high-temperature steam and Eco-Clean Ozone for a deeper clean.

Always-Clean Mop™

Cleans Itself While
Cleaning Floors

Designed for self-reliance. MACH V1 Ultra constantly washes the roller brush as it cleans,
preventing recontamination of floors.

Safe for Homes
with Children and Pets

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MACH V1 Ultra Achieves
a Deeper Clean

Safely with

Eco-Clean Ozone

Harsh on Germs.
Gentle on
Everything Else.

Aqueous ozone is produced to kill up to 99.9%5 of common germs on floors and remove odors naturally for a deeper clean. Safe for pets and children.

Certified for achieving national safety standards.

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More About Ozone

Self-Cleaning System
for Better Hygiene

  • Step 1 Self-Washing

    Cleaning solution is released to thoroughly wash the roller brush as it cleans.

  • Step 2 Auto Sterilization

    Aqueous ozone is produced safely to remove 99.9%5 of germs.

  • Step 3 Self-Drying

    Hot air is circulated to completely dry the roller brush and remove odors, readying it for the next clean.

Triple Self-Cleaning System

Clean and Dry
After Clean Ups

Select self-cleaning mode to thoroughly wash roller brush with cleaning fluid after clean ups, while aqueous ozone minimizes odors and germs. Hot air is circulated to ensure it is totally dry and ready for the next clean.

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More About MACH's Triple
Self-Cleaning System

with Tesla

Tesla Valve Mixing

Precisely Blended,
Every Time

Just add floor cleaner and water, and let the Tesla
Valve Mixing do the rest.

  • Hands-Free

    Automatically mixes water
    and cleaning solution in
    perfect proportions.

  • Use When

    Release valve only when
    needed to reduce waste.

  • 30 Days6

    The tank stores enough
    cleaning solution for up
    to one month of use.


Safer for the environment and free of chemicals.

60% less

More eco-friendly compared with other wet and dry vacuums.

*Tested according to MACH laboratory conditions.

60% less

More eco-friendly compared with other wet and dry vacuums.

*Tested according to MACH laboratory conditions.

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How Tesla Valve
Mixing Works

Dries Floors Faster
with JetBlades™

JetBlades™ Technology

Effortlessly Clean.
And Dry.

Days of slipping on wet floors are over. As it cleans, JetBlades™'s powerful fans dry the floor instantly and leaves it streak-free.

  • Quick Dries

    Enables quick drying of floors to
    prevent slips.

  • Removes

    Keep floors dry after each clean.

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About JetBlades™
Quick-Drying Technology

16,800 Pa4 Suction

Leaves Dust
Nowhere to Hide

Fire up maximum 16,800 Pa4 suction power to make dust, debris and hair disappear instantly.

65 dB3 Low Noise

Clean in Peace.
And Quiet.

Self-cleans quietly at just 65 dB3 with a unique noise-dampening design to ensure peace of mind.

Wet and Dry Separation

Conveniently Designed
for Easy Disposal

Wet and dry messes are separated for easy disposal without dirtying hands.

82-Minute2 Runtime

Built to Last

An 82-minute2 runtime ensures long-lasting performance to clean your entire home on a single charge.

Smart App

Easy Control

Navigate easily and schedule cleaning via the app, for total control from anywhere.

LCD Display

Stay Informed,

Stay on top of your cleans. With LCD display to show cleaning status and smart alerts for repairs in real time.

What’s in Box

① MACH V1 Ultra ② Charging Dock ③ Filter
④ Cleaning Tool ⑤ Roller Brush
⑥ Cleaning Solution ⑦Descaling Solution ×2

1. The temperature of steam generation apparatus is approximately 110°C. When the steam arrives at the steam nozzle, the temperature is approximately 100°C. When the steam is then sprayed onto the ground (due to rapid heat dissipation in the ambient temperature), it will be approximately 90°C (depending on the environment). According to data from MACH laboratories.
2. Runtime is extended to *82 minutes under Smart Mode, for long-lasting performance. According to data from MACH laboratories.
3. The highest level of noise during the cleaning process is 65 dB when you press the trigger in Smart mode or Suction mode. According to data from MACH laboratories and based on the SPL test standard.
4. 16,800 Pa powerful suction. According to data from MACH laboratories.
5. 99.9% germ removal. Certified by TÜV Rheinland.
6. With a capacity of 120ml, the tank stores enough cleaning solution for 30 days (*Calculation based on approximately 15 minutes of use per day) of use. According to data from MACH laboratories.
7. Uses only 4g of cleaning fluid on a full tank with Tesla Valve Mixing. Saves cleaning solution compared to competitors using 10g per tank.
8. 99.6% mixing efficiency. According to data from MACH laboratories.

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